Employee communication coaching


Employee communication coaching


Intranet engagement coaches
at your service

ikno's Employee Communication Coaches will prepare you for a successful roll out to your company. The content that you post on ikno before roll out will be your make or break moment for adoption for your whole company. Our Employee Communication Coaches will make sure that the content you post on ikno is relevant, engaging and useful.


We will set you up for success

We've figured it all out so you don't have to. Our Employee Communication Coaches guide you through the process of curating content on ikno week by week so that you can break it up into manageable pieces. By the end of coaching, you'll know ikno like the back of your hand, it will be full of engaging content, and you'll be psyched to share it with the whole company.


You won't feel like you're on an intranet deserted island

Our Intranet Engagement team will be right there with you, rooting for you to succeed. In our training calls we’ll help everyone, even the least tech savvy user, post info like a superstar and ensure content is informative engaging and useful. Our goal is to help you develop new habits on ikno over the course of our coaching so that when ikno is live at your company, you'll already be in a rhythm of posting great content.


Your success is our success

We really want you to be an intranet superstar. We know that our success completely depends on the happiness of our clients and the effectiveness of their intranet. Our Employee Communication Coaches adjusts to fit the needs of your company and intranet team. We are committed to helping you through any content challenges so that when your employees first see ikno, they are wow-ed by the wealth of valuable information.


Still not convinced?

Think of it like this:

You used to send company-wide emails – now you simply post on ikno

You used to get the same questions over and over – now you simply post to ikno

You used to have project update meetings – now you simply post to ikno

You used to wonder what employees thought about an issue - now you simply poll them on ikno

You used to wonder who is on vacation this week - now you simply check ikno.

You used to wonder who that new employee is - now you simply check ikno

You used to wonder what the board meetings covered - now you simply check ikno

You used to wonder what that employee’s job was - now you simply check ikno

You used to wish for remote access to documents - now you simply check ikno