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We believe in community.

Here at ikno, we share our time, money, and effort with causes we believe in. We’ve found that most non-profits could benefit from improved communication between staff, volunteers, and supporters, so we thought: why not share ikno with social service organizations for free?

How does it work?

Each new company that signs up for ikno can nominate a non-profit, social service organization of similar size to receive ikno completely free, forever. It's that simple!

What if you're a non-profit and don't have a corporate sponsor?

If you're a non-profit and haven't been nominated by a for profit company, you can either join our waiting list or you can sign up for ikno at a discounted non-profit rate of $1 per user per month.


Interested in applying for our non-profit pricing?

If you're interested in joining our waiting list or applying for our non-profit pricing, please fill out the form below and our intranet engagement team will follow up with you.

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