The iKNO Intranet is a knowledge sharing platform - and as content creators we must look at our day-to-day job functions, and the information we create and touch, through that prism. Every day our teams create important and valuable information -- reports, evaluations, accomplishments, plans, policies, procedures, project updates, and much, much more. Let's share as much as we can!

A knowledgeable workforce is a productive, successful, and motivated workforce. We want our iKNO Intranet to become a valued and valuable tool for ourselves and our employees, therefore we, Content Administrators and Developers, need to view all of the information in our department and make a determination as to how we can best make it available to the entire organization.

Decisions to take before publishing a News or Blog Post

  • Should this information be accessible to ALL employees?
  • Is this information time sensitive?
  • Is this information a News Post? (Germane to All or Most Employees)
  • Is this information a Blog Post? (Germane or Affecting Only Some Employees)

Creating a News or Blog Post

  • Does your headline clearly convey the topic of the News/Blog Post's subject matter?
  • Does your headline grab the attention of employees?
  • Did you follow the content, style and formatting guidelines provided you for “Writing for the online reader”
  • Is your News/Blog Post written concisely?
  • Did you incorporate appropriate and descriptive "Tag" words and/or phrases within the News/Blog Post to help the iKNO search engine find the information?

If you have attached a document or inserted a link to a document:

  • Have you described the content of that document using appropriate and descriptive "Tag" words

If you have incorporated a photo or graphic:

  • Have you described the content of the photo/art/graphic within your News/Blog Post?


  • Did you sign your News/Blog Post so readers know the source of the information?

If you have followed all of the above, you are ready to publish your News/Blog Post!