The iKNO Intranet platform operates under an open and accessible internal communications philosophy; proven effective in organizations with up to thousands of employees. The iKNO philosophy of use affords maximum knowledge sharing by allowing Users access to every area and item on the site.

This open “access to information” reduces information overload, builds your organization’s culture, and gives Users the ability to easily find or request the information they need -- when they need it.

There are two primary communications channels which Administrators and Content Developers may use to share important information within the organization - News Posts and Blog Posts:

News Post

A News Post is defined as an item of information that all employees must know as part of the organization. If the information you intend to publish doesn't pertain to or affect all or most employees, then it is more properly posted as a Blog item. A few examples of News Posts:

  • HR
    • The employee handbook
    • Health insurance premium or plan updates
    • Re-enrollment updates and deadlines
    • New personnel joining the organization
    • Personnel promotions or recognition
    • Recruitment
    • Forms/Feedback
  • IT
    • Changes/upgrades in IT hardware/software
    • System maintenance
    • Announcements
  • Sales/Marketing
    • An announcement of new client/customer
    • A new quality or customer service initiative
    • A new product or service or product/service improvement
    • A new marketing/ad campaign

Blog Posts

A Blog Post is defined as an item of information that is “nice to know” but not necessarily required to know. Often Blog Posts only pertain to or affect those employees who are within that department, or rely on that department, to perform their job function. A few examples of Blog Posts:

  • HR
    • Job descriptions
    • Org charts
    • Training schedules
    • Benefits reporting
    • Replace newsletter(s)
    • FAQs
  • IT
    • Resource scheduling
    • Network management
    • Help desk/support
    • FAQs
  • Sales/Marketing
    • Ads, collateral and merchandising
    • Ad/media schedules and channel
    • Customer FAQs
    • Press Releases
    • Sales forecasts and reports

Example of News and Blogs:

It is very common for the start of a project or initiative to be published first as a News Post and then to transition to ongoing Blog Posts as the project progresses:

  • The CEO announces the organization will be opening a new office location in a News post
  • Throughout the process, all departments involved in the new office project post Blogs about their particular area of responsibility as the new office moves from idea, through implementation, to opening
  • Facilities Blogs about the site acquisition, and the build out process (posting pictures)
  • HR Blogs about who will be staffing the new office (photos of staff)
  • IT Blogs about the process and progress of tying in all the new office systems
  • Marketing Blogs about the grand opening event, media announcements, etc
  • When complete, the CEO publishes a new News post announcing the grand opening

This is just one example to illustrate the different purposes and uses of the News and Blog features.