The ikno Intranet interface is designed to help Users easily locate information by mirroring the organization's existing internal structure through a system of Top Menu Tabs for each department, and Sub-Categories for smaller units or divisions within those departments.


Typical departments common to almost every organization would be: Human Resources, Marketing, IT, Facilities, etc. We refer to those as “Shared Services” and we often group them under a Department with that title.

Yet every organization is unique and will likely have Departments specific to their industry. In addition to the Shared Services listed above, a bank might have departments for Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Investments and Mortgages, etc. An ad agency might have departments like Creative, Media, and Account Services, etc. And a Law firm might be organized by practice area, such as; Litigation, Trademark, Patents, Employment, etc. with all other departments under a ‘Shared Services’ Tab.


Many organizations will also have subdivisions within certain departments. For example, a larger organization might have three or more divisions within a department such as:

Human Resources

  • Benefits
  • Employment
  • Compensation


  • Training
  • Media
  • Creative
  • Research


  • Products
  • Support
  • Customers

Some ikno organizations have started out with Departments or Sub-Departments that they later found unnecessary. It’s easy to change these categories to evolve with your organization’s growth but we advise all clients to try to keep the total number to the minimum necessary.