Here are some questions to help you determine types of content you may wish to publish prior to ikno going live within your organization. Keep in mind you are posting information that must also engage and strive to help employees better understand and perform their job function. 

Think about the following:

  1. What is the mission or function of your team? Blog about your team, their primary responsibilities and how they serve internal/external customers.
  2. What are your business-lines objectives? Blog about how your team’s work supports the organization's strategic plan, projects or initiatives.
  3. What common questions do you ask in the course of doing your job? Ask those responsible for answering your questions to post a blog with FAQs
  4. What common questions do colleagues and/or customers ask you? Post FAQs for your own area to cut down repeat questions.
  5. What information does your department/group need to best do its job? Ask those individuals who provide your group information to post all documents, forms, policies, procedures etc.
  6. What information does your department/group have that other departments rely on and need regular access/updates to? Your team should post all documents, forms, policies, procedures etc.
  7. What projects are you and your group currently working on? Publish Blog posts updating the progress of your projects.
  8. What recent accomplishments or major contributions to company goals has your group achieved?
  9. Recognize your team via Blog posts.
  10.  Identify every major document you touch/use during the course of your work and publish a Blog post for each with a brief description of its use and attaching the doc.