Welcome to ikno – a social media style intranet platform that was created to help you be more productive, more knowledgeable about your company, and more connected to your co-workers.

ikno is simple and fun to use and was designed to provide you with the information you want and need to do your job -- without overwhelming you with communications that don't affect you. And while it won't replace email, you should soon find that your inbox is a bit less full.

Most existing [intranet or share drive] content has moved over to ikno and is organized by department, with new content, in the form of Department News and Blog Posts available to you every day.

Over time, ikno will house vast amounts of useful company data and it will all be accessible to you on your desktop tablet and smartphone, and searchable through the ikno search function. Just like Google, you'll simply type in your search term and ikno will return a list of related news and blog posts and links to documents.

But there is much much more ikno can do for you! You’ll soon be receiving a handy user guide from your manager that will walk you through the ikno user interface. Please follow the step-by-step instructions to help familiarize yourself with ikno's functions and content.

In no time you and your co-workers will relying on ikno to share, learn and keep connected. Let us know what you think!