If you're a manager, you are probably pretty used to sending emails cc’ing your department or even the entire company when you have an important message that everyone needs to know. But how do you know if people actually read the email?  And what's worse than a hundred plus reply-all messages to your "everyone" email? 

Well, whether it’s crickets you hear or hundreds of replies, there is a better way to send out your department or company-wide messages... an intranet! 

  1. Make sure your intranet has a section for your company-wide posts that clearly communicates that this is ‘must know’ information for your employees. That way, employees will be able to easily see what’s most important when they log on to the intranet.
  2. Get to the point with your Headline. Nothing gets ignored faster than a boring headline. Spend a little time to engage the reader and entice them to click on your post. Your audience will appreciate the teaser and be more likely to click through to read more. Plus, more descriptive text will help employees search for the post in the future more easily.
  3. Ask for feedback. Be sure that your intranet has the option to leave comments on your posts. It is important that your intranet is not a ‘top down’ communication tool but also a ‘bottom up’ and end to end. Also, give the reader the opportunity to comment and add an option for them to ‘like’ your intranet post.

ikno does it all.