Information overload is real, invasive and getting worse every day. And the successful businesses of the future will need to employ proactive measures to help employees manage and mitigate it.

I don't do it often but every once in a while I will check my cell phone bill and specifically look at the quantity of text messages for a given month -- and every time, I think to myself... there is NO WAY that number can be right! It is... and I am a comparatively low user with others on my plan.

Just now, I checked to see how many email messages I have archived in just one of my client folders for work done in 2015 -- over 1,500. And that's just email with content or information I thought necessary or beneficial to save... who knows how many I deleted.

But quantity is, at best, only half of the equation because when an email or text is sent, more often than not, the expectation of the sender is not just that the message was received and read, but that it will be understood, acknowledged and acted upon. That expectation, while not unreasonable for the client, manager or business partner who sent it, is becoming more and more untenable for the recipient, and employees must resort to their own system of triage in order to cope with the deluge of demands.

Whether the message hails from an internal or external customer, when the inbox gets out of control the recipient is forced to scan, prioritize, and queue each one -- using their experience and best judgment to decide when and how best to respond. And in that process employees will, unintentionally, miss a few emails with some important information.

Installing a high function, yet easy-to-use company intranet is one of the best tools management can employ to mitigate information overload. Our ikno platform and the internal communications system on which it is based will provide employees easy access to the information they need to perform their functions and eliminate the need for countless internal email exchanges