The leading elements to employee satisfaction and retention always center around workers feeling like 'valued contributors' to the organization's success.  That umbrella term boils down to a few simple components, specifically;

  • being trusted
  • having the tools and autonomy to do the work they were hired to do
  • having access to information or being 'in the know'
  • having access to senior managers
  • having opportunity to succeed and grow in the organization

Meet these needs and you will have taken a major step towards retaining your most valuable assets.

How?  Well, one tool has steadily gained prominence in the last decade; one which if fully leveraged, can directly address these employee needs.

Part megaphone, part filing cabinet... part workspace and part directory, the Employee Intranet is fast becoming an indispensable information management solution for every organization.  But more than that.... it can be a critical key to employee engagement and empowerment.

When designed, built, and utilized correctly, an intranet can help mitigate information overload and provide employees with the access, autonomy, and knowledge they need to be successful in their jobs.  What's more, it gives CEOs a powerful device through which they can realize measurable productivity gains and competitive benefits, and provide managers an avenue through which they can share successes, reinforce positive actions, recognize performance and demonstrate appreciation – in short, value their workers.

Will a well executed intranet be a panacea?  Will it make every employee feel valued?  Will it guarantee your employees will work for you forever?  Nope - It's just one important component in the overall employee satisfaction matrix.  One that, by managing, organizing and optimizing information, makes work easier, saves time, and engages employees in the overall success of the organization; allowing employees to not only meet your measures of success, but theirs too.