Believe it or not, naming an intranet is an important element to its success and adoption. The name needs to be easy to remember and ideally, reinforce its reason for being. 

We named our intranet platform ikno (pronounced "I - Know") because an intranet is, more than anything, about knowledge and knowledge sharing. Over time, your intranet becomes the repository of the collective knowledge, and reflection of the productivity of your company. A properly designed internet organizes that information and provides easier access to it. 

Our platform offers greater transparency and gives users unprecedented access to information... access to knowledge, and we like the positive association of users stating "I Know" that is reinforced when users refer to the site, "Did you see the post on ikno? Friday is a jeans day!"  And let's face it, there's not much worse than having an employee say, "I don't know."

ikno is your...   Internal - Knowledge - Network - Organized