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How can ikno unburden the IT department?

One of the issues (and sometimes fears) IT managers have with any intranet is, 'How much admin, service, and maintenance time is it going to cost me each week, month or year?

Well... If it's the right platform, the answer should be, 'Pretty damn little time.' In fact, the properly designed and configured intranet should require nothing more than a couple of updates over the course of a year.

It should liberate IT from having to serve as a funnel for which nearly every request must pass. It should be open, easy to administer for every department and eliminate central governance or need for IT "ownership" or control. It should be a BIG time save for the IT team every day, week and month.

How is ikno different than Google Drive?

Google Drive is a storage tool that easily allows you to collaborate and share documents. You can share documents with certain people, share folders of documents as well as have private documents.

ikno is a communication tool to organize and share conversations or all types, not just documents. Often times ikno users use Google Drive to complement ikno. When you write a new post on ikno, you can easily link back to the Google Drive document you are referencing.

How is ikno different than SharePoint?

SharePoint is Mircrosoft's internet product and many companies are familiar with it because it comes with their company software package. While powerful, we find that unless there is a super administrator that is in charge of maintaining the intranet, it is hard to get others in the company involved because there is a big learning curve. Often times IT gets burdened with updating the intranet and everyone knows that IT always has plenty to do! ikno makes the maintenance of your intranet horizontal across all departments of the company. 

Companies that use SharePoint for their document storage can still link to documents within SharePoint and can use ikno as their communication interface.

How much time should we budget for our IT team to maintain after launch?

Very little! ikno is meant to unburden the IT team. We recommend that IT budget enough time to maintain their section of ikno with helpful FAQs, announcements and updates just as any other department in the company. 

Any administrator (not just IT) has the ability to add users, remove users, add, edit and publish posts. ikno is one less thing IT has to worry about.