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iKNO Intranet FAQs

How does ikno help with employee satisfaction and retention?

The leading elements to employee satisfaction and retention always center around workers feeling like 'valued contributors' to the organization's success.  That umbrella term boils down to a few simple components, specifically;

  • being trusted
  • having the tools and autonomy to do the work they were hired to do
  • having access to information or being 'in the know'
  • having access to senior managers
  • having opportunity to succeed and grow in the organization

Meet these needs and you will have taken a major step towards retaining your most valuable assets.

How?  Well, one tool has steadily gained prominence in the last decade; one which if fully leveraged, can directly address these employee needs.

Part megaphone, part filing cabinet... part workspace and part directory, the Employee Intranet is fast becoming an indispensable information management solution for every organization.  But more than that.... it can be a critical key to employee engagement and empowerment.

When designed, built, and utilized correctly, an intranet can help mitigate information overload and provide employees with the access, autonomy, and knowledge they need to be successful in their jobs.  What's more, it gives CEOs a powerful device through which they can realize measurable productivity gains and competitive benefits, and provide managers an avenue through which they can share successes, reinforce positive actions, recognize performance and demonstrate appreciation – in short, value their workers.

Will a well executed intranet be a panacea?  Will it make every employee feel valued?  Will it guarantee your employees will work for you forever?  Nope - It's just one important component in the overall employee satisfaction matrix.  One that, by managing, organizing and optimizing information, makes work easier, saves time, and engages employees in the overall success of the organization; allowing employees to not only meet your measures of success, but theirs too.


How can ikno unburden the IT department?

One of the issues (and sometimes fears) IT managers have with any intranet is, 'How much admin, service, and maintenance time is it going to cost me each week, month or year?

Well... If it's the right platform, the answer should be, 'Pretty damn little time.' In fact, the properly designed and configured intranet should require nothing more than a couple of updates over the course of a year.

It should liberate IT from having to serve as a funnel for which nearly every request must pass. It should be open, easy to administer for every department and eliminate central governance or need for IT "ownership" or control. It should be a BIG time save for the IT team every day, week and month.

How can ikno help with mitigate information overload?

Information overload is real, invasive and getting worse every day. And the successful businesses of the future will need to employ proactive measures to help employees manage and mitigate it.

I don't do it often but every once in a while I will check my cell phone bill and specifically look at the quantity of text messages for a given month -- and every time, I think to myself... there is NO WAY that number can be right! It is... and I am a comparatively low user with others on my plan.

Just now, I checked to see how many email messages I have archived in just one of my client folders for work done in 2015 -- over 1,500. And that's just email with content or information I thought necessary or beneficial to save... who knows how many I deleted.

But quantity is, at best, only half of the equation because when an email or text is sent, more often than not, the expectation of the sender is not just that the message was received and read, but that it will be understood, acknowledged and acted upon. That expectation, while not unreasonable for the client, manager or business partner who sent it, is becoming more and more untenable for the recipient, and employees must resort to their own system of triage in order to cope with the deluge of demands.

Whether the message hails from an internal or external customer, when the inbox gets out of control the recipient is forced to scan, prioritize, and queue each one -- using their experience and best judgment to decide when and how best to respond. And in that process employees will, unintentionally, miss a few emails with some important information.

Installing a high function, yet easy-to-use company intranet is one of the best tools management can employ to mitigate information overload. Our ikno platform and the internal communications system on which it is based will provide employees easy access to the information they need to perform their functions and eliminate the need for countless internal email exchanges

How can ikno cut down on your email?

If you're a manager, you are probably pretty used to sending emails cc’ing your department or even the entire company when you have an important message that everyone needs to know. But how do you know if people actually read the email?  And what's worse than a hundred plus reply-all messages to your "everyone" email? 

Well, whether it’s crickets you hear or hundreds of replies, there is a better way to send out your department or company-wide messages... an intranet! 

  1. Make sure your intranet has a section for your company-wide posts that clearly communicates that this is ‘must know’ information for your employees. That way, employees will be able to easily see what’s most important when they log on to the intranet.
  2. Get to the point with your Headline. Nothing gets ignored faster than a boring headline. Spend a little time to engage the reader and entice them to click on your post. Your audience will appreciate the teaser and be more likely to click through to read more. Plus, more descriptive text will help employees search for the post in the future more easily.
  3. Ask for feedback. Be sure that your intranet has the option to leave comments on your posts. It is important that your intranet is not a ‘top down’ communication tool but also a ‘bottom up’ and end to end. Also, give the reader the opportunity to comment and add an option for them to ‘like’ your intranet post.

ikno does it all.

Why do we call it ikno?

Believe it or not, naming an intranet is an important element to its success and adoption. The name needs to be easy to remember and ideally, reinforce its reason for being. 

We named our intranet platform ikno (pronounced "I - Know") because an intranet is, more than anything, about knowledge and knowledge sharing. Over time, your intranet becomes the repository of the collective knowledge, and reflection of the productivity of your company. A properly designed internet organizes that information and provides easier access to it. 

Our platform offers greater transparency and gives users unprecedented access to information... access to knowledge, and we like the positive association of users stating "I Know" that is reinforced when users refer to the site, "Did you see the post on ikno? Friday is a jeans day!"  And let's face it, there's not much worse than having an employee say, "I don't know."

ikno is your...   Internal - Knowledge - Network - Organized

Does ikno have chat?

ikno currently does not have a person to person instant messaging system, but we do have a status update feature.

On the left hand side of your dashboard, you'll see a log of status updates that your coworkers have posted on ikno. The status updates expire after 24 hours. If you post a new update within 24 hours, you'll overwrite your old status update.

Some companies use the status update to post what location they'll be at for the day, when they'll be out of the office, congratulations to coworkers or even inspirational quotes!

How is ikno different than Google Drive?

Google Drive is a storage tool that easily allows you to collaborate and share documents. You can share documents with certain people, share folders of documents as well as have private documents.

ikno is a communication tool to organize and share conversations or all types, not just documents. Often times ikno users use Google Drive to complement ikno. When you write a new post on ikno, you can easily link back to the Google Drive document you are referencing.

How is ikno different than SharePoint?

SharePoint is Mircrosoft's internet product and many companies are familiar with it because it comes with their company software package. While powerful, we find that unless there is a super administrator that is in charge of maintaining the intranet, it is hard to get others in the company involved because there is a big learning curve. Often times IT gets burdened with updating the intranet and everyone knows that IT always has plenty to do! ikno makes the maintenance of your intranet horizontal across all departments of the company. 

Companies that use SharePoint for their document storage can still link to documents within SharePoint and can use ikno as their communication interface.

Can you manage employee vacation schedules on ikno?

Yes, you can view and manage your co-worker's vacation schedules in ikno. On the Calendar page, on the left hand side, you will see a radio button to select Out of Office. When you select the radio button, you will see each employee's out of office days.

To update your own personal out of office days, you can edit your profile in the upper left corner. On the left hand side of the edit screen, you will see the area to update your vacation days.

How many people need to be involved in setting up ikno?

It depends on the size of your company or organization. Sometimes when we work with small companies (25 of less users) there is just one person in charge of setting up ikno for the company. 

In larger companies, our clients usually have a team of 5-12 people. They range from IT, HR, Marketing and Operations. Sometimes it is the senior leadership team, sometimes each person from each department in the company is part of the team.

How much time should we budget for our IT team to maintain after launch?

Very little! ikno is meant to unburden the IT team. We recommend that IT budget enough time to maintain their section of ikno with helpful FAQs, announcements and updates just as any other department in the company. 

Any administrator (not just IT) has the ability to add users, remove users, add, edit and publish posts. ikno is one less thing IT has to worry about.