Why do community banks choose ikno as their internal communication platform of choice?

ikno unites lenders, tellers, risk, IT, senior leadership, marketing, etc, across all of your branches by giving employees access to information they need to be engaged and informed.

ikno is designed specifically for community banks who value transparency and collaboration in their culture. ikno is a cloud intranet that allows knowledge and information sharing so that employees can be more informed, engaged, and prepared to provide the best experience for their customers.

ikno is easy, engaging, effective and economical.

  • Unite employees across multiple branches
  • Keep informed of updates across the bank
  • Access updates from your phone or at home
  • Friendly, easy to use interface
  • Unburden IT with fast, intuitive set up

As our CIO said in our last meeting, ‘People love it, love it, love it.’
— Karen Hakala, Norway Savings Bank

Banks love ikno because their teams can...

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 6.15.33 AM.png

Find Answers for Your Customers Fast
Keep company and product information at your front-line employees' fingertips so they can be prepared to answer customer questions confidently.

Share the Best of the Best Customer Service Practices
Tell stories of customer successes or tips on how to save time, money or provide better service.

Share a Unified Company Message with Your Team
Keep employees in the loop of what's happening across each branch, new strategic updates, product lines and more.

ikno combines simplicity and capability— not to mention the cool design and functionality— especially at your price point!
— Karen Hakala, Norway Savings Bank



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Everyone feels included, and like they’re on the same page, it’s great!
— Chelsea Henderson, FA Peabody Insurance