Meet ikno, the simplest intranet for your team to easily access information about your company from anywhere, on any device.

Wouldn’t it be easier if your teams across different locations felt more connected?

Do you agree that engaged, informed, employees are more productive and create stronger customer relationships?

Is it difficult to keep all of your employees on the same page?


ikno is simple to use, engaging, effective and economical.

  • Unite employees across multiple locations
  • Keep informed of updates when you're on the road
  • Access updates from your phone or at home
  • Friendly, easy to use interface
  • Unburden IT with fast, intuitive set up

Our staff each save 1.5 hours per day in customer service, and our customer ratings are up!
— Dottie Chalmers Cutter, Chalmers Insurance Agency

ikno has the essential features you need to keep employees connected, like company news, blogs, a shared calendar and company directory.

Your team can post updates about what they’re working on so other departments and locations can be in the loop. Employees can search for documents, policies, procedures, best practices, you name it... it’s like having a search engine for your company knowledge base.

ikno is designed like other social media platforms— it’s easy to use and you can start sharing information with your whole team in just a few days.

We can’t imagine what we would do without ikno. It’s been a game changer for us.
— Steve Cote, Chalmers Insurance Agency

Reduce Company-wide Emails

With ikno, employees simply login to see what's new at the company.


Eliminate Repeat Questions

Employees can search ikno first when they have a question.


Share Information Across Projects and Departments

Reduce project status meetings and simply post updates to ikno for all employees to stay in the loop.

Get Feedback from Employees in Real Time

Simply poll employees on ikno when you wonder about an issue.


Schedule Meetings Efficiently

Check ikno's calendar to see who's on vacation. 

Welcome New Employees

Introduce new team members and give them access to best practices and how-to guides at your company. 


Provide Access to Information

Find out what's going on at upcoming meetings and what decisions came out of meetings by checking ikno.

Build Relationships Across Locations and Departments

Check ikno to learn about co-worker's jobs, contact information, and teams. 


Access documents from any device

ikno provides remote access to documents anywhere you can access the internet.



We offer a 14 Day Free Trial if you want to poke around yourself, or we can set up an online meeting to go over your questions.

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Everyone feels included, and like they’re on the same page, it’s great!
— Chelsea Henderson, FA Peabody Insurance