Less email, more engagement


Less email, more engagement

ikno is a cloud-based social intranet platform

It’s simple, intelligent design and functionality ensures content stays fresh, relevant and accessible.

What's special about ikno?

ikno is the easiest platform for growing companies to provide employees the info they need to do their job -- in the office, at home or on the road. There's no IT set up or management — just log in from your phone, tablet or desktop. Your team will have immediate access to the latest company news and easily find the information they need to serve their internal or external customers faster and more comprehensively.  


What will ikno do for your organization?

What will ikno do for your organization?

Create happier customers 

We get it — engaged employees are more productive, more profitable and create stronger customer relationships. Engagement begins with access and ikno provides them the easy access to the information they need to serve their internal and external customers best.

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Unite Employees

Connect multiple offices and ensure remote workers are plugged in.


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Increase Transparency

Tear down silos, cut down file trees, sink data islands.

Increase Efficiency

Cut down on meetings, phone calls and time searching, while reducing email.



Increase Knowledge Sharing

Get info moving through your organization — top down, bottom up and side-to-side.

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Eliminate Uncertainty

Organize info so your team will always kno what’s important.

Build Morale

Nothing is better than employees who can always say, “I know!”


ikno Features

ikno Features


Our design philosophy:

Keep it elegant but simple so your content will shine

Learn more about our most popular features:


Customizable Profiles

Get to know the people you work with, better

Each employee creates their own profile, sharing professional, and even some personal information about themselves. Find contact numbers quickly and learn more about coworkers you don't see day-to-day.

What's New Dashboard

Quickly see what's new at your company

When you log into ikno, you'll first see the Dashboard where you can see a chronological listing of all of the new updates on ikno. You never have to hunt around to see if there was something you missed.

Customize Departments and menus

Your ikno navigation reflects your company's structure

You can customize the department navigation on ikno so employees quickly understand where information lives and find it fast.

Searchable Employee Directory

Find your co-workers contact information quickly

The ikno Employee Directory allows you to sort by department, location, alphabetical or, you can use the search tool to find who you are looking for.

Highlight the Most Important Posts

Pin your posts to the top of the news feed

Need to make sure everyone sees your post? Content editors can easily pin their posts to the top of the NEWS feed so it won't be missed.

Easily Create Posts

Create content in a way that you're used to

Our content editor works just like those you're familiar with. You can upload images, format headings, include video, links and much, much more. 

Tech Support and Feedback

Simple form for employees to give feedback

Whether it's a request for a new post on ikno, tech support, or general feedback, each employee has the option to message your intranet team.

Attach Documents

Documents, PDFs, Images

You can easily attach documents, PDFs, images, spreadsheets to the NEWS, EVENTS and BLOG posts that you're creating on ikno. 

Save Your Favorites

Keep your favorite posts easily accessible

Every ikno user can save their favorite posts to easily reference later. Whether it's a how-to guide or a commonly used form, users can access favorite posts with one click.

Comment Notification

Know when someone's commented on your post

All content editors are able to quickly see if they have new comments on their posts -- allowing you to quickly respond and field questions or requests.

Vendor Directory

Keep track of the vendors your company relies on

ikno's vendor directory gives everyone access to all of your key partners. Contact information, along with key docs quickly connect you to the info you need to keep things humming and serving your customers. 

Easy Search Tool

A search engine for your company

Anytime you need to find something, use ikno's search tool and type in the keywords for what you're looking for and search results will appear in real time. You can also choose to narrow your search by News, Blog, Events, People, or Vendors.

Out of Office Calendar

See what's up and who's out

Employees can post their approved vacation and out of office schedule so you can get a birds eye view of who's out when and plan your meetings accordingly.

Sortable Event Calendar

See company-wide events at a glance

With the ikno event calendar, you can easily sort by Department, Office Location, or Out of Office Days. You can also view the calendar in list view or grid view...whatever your choose!

Self Service Login

No need for IT to reset ikno passwords

Our self-service login allows employees to reset their password on their own so IT won't get a help ticket. All ikno Administrators will have control over removing or adding users.

Survey Your Employees

Take employees' temperature on important issues

Trying to decide the best place to have the company party? Need everyone's feedback on a new process? You can use the ikno pulse poll to customize a question and get everyone's opinion.

Manage Users

Add, Remove, or Change Employee Permissions

In addition to adding and removing new users, ikno Administrators can choose which employees can create content.


What will you use ikno for?

What will you use ikno for?

There are so much valuable information that your employees would love to have access to, but they either don't want to ask anyone, can't find it in a disorganized file tree of folders, or they decide to ask their manager who's already answered that question before. ikno is where your employees go to get answers they need to do their job effectively and stay engaged. What would you use ikno for? Here's a list to get your wheels turning of ways you can use ikno to keep your employees in the know:


  • Job descriptions
  • Compensation information
  • Benefits /entitlements
  • Leave information
  • Holiday calendar
  • Training information /calendar
  • Training materials / Videos
  • Employee surveys
  • About my job stories / profiles
  • Newsletters
  • Awards / Nominations
  • Wellness
  • Work / Home balance
  • EAP
  • Announcements
    • Employee recognition
    • Promotions
    • New Employees
    • Birthdays
    • Anniversaries
    • Employee departures
    • Company events
  • Recruitment
    • Internal Talent Sourcing
  • Performance management
  • Vendor information
    • 401k custodian
  • Bonus schedule/rules
  • Job application
  • FAQs


  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Newsletters
  • Competitor information
  • Company history
  • Management Team bios
  • Board Bios
  • Community involvement
  • Event photos
  • Strategic Plan
  • Quarterly / monthly department updates, progress, 
  • Company performance indicators
  • Community events – festivals things to do
  • CEO Corner
  • Profit sharing
  • Annual reports


  • Help desk hints / how tos
  • FAQs
  • Plans / strategies
  • Security


  • Sales triumphs
  • New clients
  • Re-signed clients
  • Client kudos
  • Client success stories
  • Plans/strategies
  • Sell sheets
  • Proposal templates
  • Sales letter templates
  • Presentation templates
  • Product / Service descriptions
  • Testimonials
  • Rates / Pricing
  • Vendors contact info
  • White papers


  • Media buys / campaigns
  • New creative / feedback
  • Collateral
  • Merchandising
  • PR / Media coverage
  • Customer profiles / data
  • Research
  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • Logo requests / access


  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • FAQs
  • Reports
  • Project updates
  • Links to industry articles
  • Office locations
    • Directions / maps
    • Where to stay
    • Where to eat
    • What to do
  • How Tos
  • Business unit description
  • Customer service protocols
  • Customer visit protocols
  • Contests
  • Funny stuff
  • Pet pics
  • Classifieds
  • Company store
  • Reference materials
  • Game and concert tix
  • Office supply ordering / link to catalog
  • Restaurant menus
  • Business card ordering
  • Printing services
  • Links to external groups / associations